Proposal for OEM Cooperation

We propose for a sacred marriage of life-time business


Why OEM Grastron ?


1. R&D capabilities

20+ years experienced R&D engineers

Own core technology

support deeply customized function


2. Excellent communication sales team

5+ years experience sales engineer

Master of global business culture and business mode

Capability of handling comprehend demands and requirements on features, quality etc.

Professional way of processing documentaton and logistics

Friendly daily communication


3. Research and only make "Customer Scream" model

Deep research on the market's large clients

Foresee the tendency on needs

Create value-added products and business


4. Pre-Collision quality control system

Focus on products testing performance before production

Focus on consistency in production line


5. sense of ownership company culture

Neat, clear workplace

Garden plant, people-oriented management

corporate culture of happy work


6. Reliability

Dedicated OEM supplier

Any order need NDA protection

Cooperate with known and credit person


7. After-sale services

1 year limited warranty

aim at "No spare part"

familiar with high quality supplier chain 


OEM procedure:

Signing mutual NDA between each parties >>> Check and know Grastron's products cover >>> Find the most fitable model >>> Pay for a demo unit testing >>> Research for feedback based on demo unit >>> Come to see Grastron in China >>> Trial a testing MOQ order to sell >>> Set a common purchase lifetime contract  or an exclusive products purchase lifetime contract