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  • Demonstration video of MS741 is ready !


    “Seeing is Communication, Teamwork, and Collaboration”

    6 March 2015

    Grastron is announcing the demonstration video of MS741 on ISE, which shows many leading features of 4K multi-viewer presentation scaler switcher. please click this link here to watch it

    What's Collaboration?

     Collaboration is a type of teamwork that requires two or more people to work directly together to make decisions, come up with creative ideas, or develop strategies to be used by the group or in parts of a project. It usually involves working directly together to jointly produce an output.


    Why visual collaboration?

    •      Communication way is more visual
    •      Impact from social collaboration technology, like Facebook, linked-in, google talk etc.
    •       High bandwidth network
    •       More information is needed
    •       Convergence of AV and IT

    What we need in commercial collaboration?

    Efficiency First than time-consuming

    In the enterprise, any collaboration system need to help get work done faster, better, on time, and on budget.


    Execution Involved, Improve Productivity

    Users should be able to set up groups around specific initiatives and projects. As needed, groups should have the option to transform their conversations into action items or tasks that need to be completed.  Some of those tasks will develop into a project – which requires resources, has milestones, interdependencies, budget and deliverables, and may result in a cost or revenue-generating event. 


    Highly Security Considered

    Unless the information which is addressed to show to the Public, most commercial organization need to ensure the security of high-risk information, in terms of some commercial confidential information or some private information.


    Informative and multiplicate

    Browsing through the history of how collaboration tool evolves, it passed the period of CSCW (Computer Supported Collaborative Working), and moved into the mobile devices supported collaborative working period.


    What’s the visual collaboration we need ?


    User Experience: Faster and Constant Progress:

    All the functionality should keep the faster installation, operation, response, in terms of any actions. For our 4K multi-viewer presentation scaler switcher, it means

    1.5s Ultra-fast switching time between source switching

    Power-off memory of each multi-viewer layout mode

    Accept up to 100+ timing input

    Has at least 5 built-in 4K scaler to independently processing each viewing window


    High level of integration

    Any resolution for collaboration shall consider the relative devices or application, to be stored at a maximum high level of integration. For our 4K multi-viewer presentation scaler switcher, it means

              Enable the HDMI extract audio into program audio output

              Enable the external AUX audio to be embedded into the program audio output

              Breakaway audio switcher insider


    Can’t increase the learning cost

    Any new improved products will require a high level knowledge for the installer, operator and user.

    The intuitive and habit-forming operation way would make the minimum learning cost. For our 4K multi-viewer presentation scaler switcher, it means

               Adopts intuitive front button switch for daily usage, like SOURCE+WINDOW, or WINDOW+SOURCE

               Adopts web-page interface control to be a cross-platform tool on PC, any smart devices


    Ensure security

    Any information processed in the devices or system should be protected in a secured environment or being protected. For our 4K multi-viewer presentation scaler switcher, it means

               Adopts input HDCP and output HDCP compatibility

               Using wired MHL, than Wi-Fi to secure the private information on user own devices


    Access of diverse source

    It should accept the PC, Lap-top, Macbook and smart devices as source devices. For our 4K multi-viewer presentation scaler switcher, it accept

    Accept 4HDMI, 2DP, 1VGA and MHL (mobile High-definition Link)

    Released by Grastron products team