About Grastron

About Grastron


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GRASTRON, which is built in 2013, was a dedicated 4K collaboration products supplier, designs and develops 4K collaboration cross-platform AVSIM (Audio, Video, Stream, Internet, Mobile,) products for a variety of selected professional collaboration/projection markets, including BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices), collaboration, presentation, streaming, sharing, in an practical environment, such like entertainment & corporate, healthcare, education, industrial & government. 

What is Strategy ?

By offering top-quality, user-friendly products, we enable our end-users, including entrepreneur / institution / community / school / hospital / government, the possibility in huge improvement of productivity, efficiency, innovation in economy scope; 

By creating / capturing the best profit chain, we serve our clients, who is well-selective brand manufacturers to generate a profitable engine / drive in their strategy, from a solid / constant resource. 

In future, we aim at offering a complete bridge system between real and cyber space, by absorbing all different appreciable signals/dates, processing them, recording/broadcasting in scope of time / space into cyber world elements, to be used in improvement of people's work / study / life. 

What is Approach ?

Leveraging from UHD/4K collaboration, we plan to engage more kinds of collaborative devices and mediums, including Mobile, Stream, Internet etc wire/wireless in an effective decision/collaboration/brand-storm, in order to add ways of info perception. 

What we offer ?

GRASTRON delivers neither the high end, nor low end products, but the unique, fantastic, "know-you" products. We deliver the value-added products, not the feature-added products. We like creation, but only to be useful and needed.

What business ?

We offer the OEM and ODM business both. For the OEM business, we could customize for our client their ideal products based on our primary online products. For ODM business, we could rewrite a new products according to your design or just primary definition into a practical model.

What we believe ?

We are not a common company, who aim at extending a wide but plain products line. We refuse to be average, and believe " best or nothing ". 

What is Vision ?

We want to help everyone share his/her expertise and knowledge on a project more freely and efficiently. We want to help organizations to make their wonderful concept/idea into reality. Eventually, we want to help people communicate/share idea more freely, informatively, productively.